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Star Adventurer 2i

Introducing the new Skywatcher Star Adventurer 2i, the most advanced star tracker in its class. The Star Adventurer now includes built in WIFI, this now aligns with its little brother SAM ( Star Adventurer MINI ), but that’s not all. The new 2i version now includes the advanced firmware dial and features. The Star Adventurer is known as the gateway into astrophotography, with the upgrade feature only making it a more powerful and enjoyable tool in your kit. 

With the free app available for Apple and Android, you will have full control of your settings. Using the optional auxiliary shutter release cable specific to your camera, will replace the need for an intervelometer. Allowing for long exposure astrophotography in Siderial, Lunar and Solar tracking. Advanced features include Astro, long exposure and regular time lapse. 

The 2i will be available in all three of our favourite kit options. The photo kit offering the cheapest option to purchasing the mount. The astro kit for those wanting to take the next step. Then lastly the Pro kit for those who want to shoot wide lenses to long focal length telescopes. 

The star adventurer 2i will be available in Australia from mid September 2020. 

Also available is the Star Adventurer MINI (SAM) – a user friendly, ultra portable, highly stable modular mount designed for wide field astrophotoraphy and time-lapse photography. With Integrated Wi-Fi platform – SAM is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi and the free Mini Console App – Giving you wireless control from your smartphone or tablet.

Key Features ( Pro Kit )

  • Star Adventurer multi-function equatorial tracking mount
  • Built in WIFI 
  • Advanced Firmware features 
  • 5kg payload capacity
  • Built-in polar scope with illuminator
  • Dec bracket
  • 1.65kg mount head weight (with Dec bracket)
  • EQ wedge
  • Counterweight kit
  • Ball head adapter
  • Dec bracket
  • Sky-Watcher 5 Years Limited Warranty