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10 hours ago

Sky-Watcher Australia

Epic shot from Luke Shepherd Nature and Astrophotography 🤩

M8 Lagoon Nebula
Taken under a bortle 1 sky with no filters
Mount: Skywatcher HEQ5 pro
Camera 📷: Canon 650d Modified, 48 x 5 min subs at iso 800
Telescope 🔭: 6 inch F4 GSO Newtonian

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A weekend puzzle for the kids and adults. ...

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Amazing image from Fascinating Imagery
Head over to his account for more information! 😍

Exif : Nikon D850 with Samyang 24mm f1.4
Foreground - f6.3, ISO 320, 30s, 5 shots stacked
Sky- f3.2, ISO 1600, total time: 574s

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Dragons of Ara / NGC 6188 by James Gossage ‎with the Sky-Watcher EQ5

James says:
Capturing these beautiful creatures of space located at cca 4000 LY. They are 10s of light years in length and found near the edge of a large dark molecular cloud and are composed of sulfur, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms.

Setup: ASIAIR Pro, ASI294MC Pro, ASI120MM Mini guide, Explore Scientific ED102 FCD100, Skywatcher EQ5 Pro, iPad.
Images: RGB 300s x 10, UHC filter 600s x 5 - temp at -15c and gain 120 on both RGB & UHC.
Software: ASIAIR, Pixinsight & Photoshop.

Bay of Islands, New Zealand

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