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    MINI AZ, The NEW Sky-Watcher integrated WIFI GOTO mount.


The NEW Sky-Watcher Telescope & integrated WIFI GOTO mount package.

The AZ-GTi range of telescope & GoTo mount packages open up a new world of wireless technology – it works with your Smartphone or tablet providing you with a mount capable of accurate operation with the use of a simple Smartphone downloaded free app.

Use Wi-Fi to control your telescope wirelessly!

The AZ-GTi mount has the FREEDOM FIND Feature, same as the Star Discovery mount. Move it manually and it still knows what part of the sky it’s pointing to. The mount is available by itself or with three different OTAs.

The best feature of this new app is the POINT AND GO feature.

Once the telescope is aligned simply point your phone to the part of the sky you want your telescope to point to – press the button, and the telescope will move to it. It will then tell you all the objects around that area.

Key Features

  • Wi-Fi Controlled (iOS & Android)
  • User level – beginner – intermediate
  • High quality optics
  • Magnificent views of the moon, comets, planets and stars
  • Sidereal, lunar and solar tracking rates
  • Auto-tracking Alt-Azimuth mount.