In the next following months, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars will be in opposition on the 9 May, 27 June and 27 July respectively. Mars now has an apparent diameter of only 8.4" but on the date of the opposition it will appear magnificent with a diameter of 24.2". We have to wait until 2035 before to have such favourable conditions. That is the time to buy a new telescope and to get ready for the show!

In the photo: Jupiter, Saturn and Mars as they appeared on the 31 March 2018.

SkyWatcher Black Diamond 12"
SkyWatcher EQ8
Baader FFC Barlow
ZWO ASI 290 monochrome
ZWO RGB filters
Focal length: 6000 mm
Software: AutoStakker, WinJUPOS, Registax.

— Products shown: SkyWatcher Black Diamond 300mm.
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Gassendi crater on the 28 March 2018. It has a diameter of 110km and a depth of 1.9km.

SkyWatcher Black Diamond 300/1500,
SkyWatcher EQ8 mount
Baader FFC Barlow -
ZWO red filter
ZWO ASI 290 monochromatic
25% of the original 3514 frames has been stacked.
Software used: AutoStakkert and Registax.
Equivalent Focal length: 6100mm
Scale: 0.1"/pixel

Author: Adriano Massatani
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We should all look up more often.

Check out this video on how great sidewalk astronomy is. took a telescope around the streets of Los Angeles to give strangers an up-close look at a familiar object; a new view of the moon. Music: Claire de Lune by…
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2 months ago

Sky-Watcher Australia
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